The Fieldgate Team

Mrs Joy Emery BSc (Hons), RN

Registered Matron/Manager
Mrs Joy Emery MSc BSc (Hons), RN

After bringing up her family Joy started her caring career in the early 1980s at Fieldgate as an auxiliary nurse. She also gained experience in various residential and community healthcare settings and qualified as a registered nurse in 1999. She subsequently returned to Fieldgate as a Sister, then, in 2001 was appointed Deputy Matron.

In 2002, to advance her nursing and administrative expertise, Joy transferred to Queen Alexandra (QA) Hospital in Cosham working as a Staff Nurse on the Vascular Surgery Ward with additional responsibilities as a Diabetic Link Nurse.

In 2005, she returned to Fieldgate Nursing Home as Matron. Her professional commitment and lively enthusiasm to improve all areas of her chosen career continues.

Registered Provider/
Accountable Individual

Mrs Patricia S Legg BA (Hons), M Res, RN

Mrs Patricia S Legg BA (Hons), M Res, RN, is registered with the Care Quality Commission as the Registered Responsible Individual for Extraservice Ltd (trading as Fieldgate Nursing Home) the Registered Provider.

Mrs Legg and her husband, Mr Colin W Legg BA (Hons) Cert Ed (Director of Extraservice Ltd), take a pro-active interest in all aspects of the Nursing Home and both are committed to the continuous monitoring of its management, encompassing quality of care, delivery of service and commitment of staff, and in the promotion of a positive image of nursing care for the elderly.

Mrs Legg holds explicit organisational control of Fieldgate and together with the Matron ensures that the Nursing Home moves forward with, dedication, enthusiasm and professional commitment.

Student Placement

Student nurses from the University of Southampton are seconded for six-week periods to develop their hands-on experience in all aspects of care for the patients living with us at Fieldgate. They offer their youthful exuberance and search for knowledge and gain insight to the many aspects of nursing patients in the independent sector and of the many forms of psychological support necessary to construct a home-from-home situation to those unable to manage without our professional help.

Our Matron is specially trained as a Sign-off Mentor for students placed with us ensuring they meet with the quality outcomes desired by the Home. Supervision of students is carried out by appropriately trained nursing staff who share their professional experiences and values whilst safe-guarding the interests of all concerned. The University implements an annual audit to ensure that Fieldgate Nursing Home meets the high standards required for placement of their students.

Nursing Staff

Our complete care and service at Fieldgate, although nurse-led, relies on a broad spectrum of qualified and experienced staff in order to meet the diverse yet essential aspects of health care that are required with the intention of meeting all patients’ individual activities of daily living.

Staff at Fieldgate consists of professionally trained staff and auxiliary staff working as a team. They provide the highest standard of nursing care to meet patients’ needs whilst supporting them through the impact of loss of physical activity and/or general health, minimising upheaval during the transition from home to our caring environment which has the ultimate goal of offering a positive outlook for the future.

Matron and Sisters wear navy uniforms.

Auxiliary Nursing Staff

Auxiliary staff wear pale blue tunics with navy trousers. When organising activities they wear red polo shirts with navy trousers.

Ancillary Staff (Catering and Hospitality Staff)

Chef and week-end cooks wear white and blue, Kitchen Assistants wear white and blue stripes

Laundry and Cleaning personnel wear green and green and white stripes.

Maintenance and Garden Team wear appropriate black garments for their many important duties.

Professional Development

All staff receive training and supervision to meet Fieldgate’s vision of its raison d’être and the National Minimum Standards – Care Homes Regulations 2001.

Qualified nurses conform to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Standards of conduct, performance and ethics Code 2008 and all other staff work within the General Social Care Code of Conduct. Professional staff are independently accountable to the NMC for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). At Fieldgate we positively contribute to all relevant CPD training sessions thus ensuring that the NMC standard is maintained.

Ancillary Staff Training

In-house and/or external training is given to all staff to maintain, and update, safe practice in accordance with the standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission.

Staff Training Programmes include:-

- Induction
- Infection Control
- Health and Safety
- Moving and Handling
- Risk Assessment
- Safe Food Handling
- Fire Safety
- Emergency First Aid

All training in the above mandatory subjects is specific to meet the varying needs of all our patients according to their degree of ability or frailty.