Admission to Fieldgate

A Pre-admission Assessment is carried out, by the Matron, to establish a prospective resident's holistic needs at that time and to provide information as to how such needs may be met within the nursing home's daily nursing, caring, catering and hospitality programmes

Such programmes are offered in accordance with the Health and Safety Act 1974 and the Manual Handling Regulations Act 1992.

On admission the Nursing Process is immediately initiated and remains focused on the resident to identify any changing holistic needs at any given time.

A Nursing Sister is allocated to be the patient’s ‘Named nurse’ and nursing care plans are drawn up in a partnership with the patient and/or next of kin.

The patient and/or next-of-kin is kept fully informed regarding any changes in holistic needs and suggestions are offered as to how best practice can meet such needs in order that the resident can make an informed choice at all times.

According to such needs nursing/care plans are created in collaboration with the patient and/or family/friends and professional and/or specialist advice obtained from the patient’s own General Practitioner, psychotherapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, optician, dentist, podiatrist, and others, to ensure that the treatment and care offered is dynamic and specific at all times.

Each patient’s Professional Nursing Process is continually implemented in collaboration with patients’ wishes or advance directives to determine a patients’ health status at any given time. This ensures appropriate timely assistance and/or treatment to meet any modification of need.

Personal hygiene

Together the patient and nursing staff, and relative if they wish, organise a strictly personal hygiene programme. The Nursing staff discusses all the facilities and opportunities available for bathing and washing, and patients may, ability permitting, bath alone or with assistance if required.


One of our patients in her bedroom

Bedrooms are located on two floors serviced by a passenger lift and easy-rise staircases.

Each floor has a variety of individually decorated single and shared rooms, all of which have a range of hygiene facilities with wash basin, space for personal belongings, individual wardrobes, bedside cupboards and safety boxes. However, if residents wish they may bring their own special items of furniture with them, this we welcome making the Nursing Home a real home.

A Nurse Call System allows all patients and visitors immediate access to Nursing staff giving confidence and independence yet with the knowledge that help is always at hand when needed.

The Gardens

Water feature designed by well-known sculptor Alan Wilson who has exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show

The nursing home is situated in extensive grounds with ample front parking for visitors

The rear garden is well-situated, sheltered and has several patios accessed via the sitting room terrace.

Water feature designed by well-known sculptor Alan Wilson who has exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show.

A gazebo is planted with lightly scented climbers and the beautiful pavillion affords views of the recently acquired water feature surrounded with colourful flowering plants.

A wide range of activities and social events take place throughout the year in this lovely out-door area. Patients, accompanied by relatives or friends or Nursing staff, enjoy their trip to see the plants, smell the flowers and listen to the birds, all of which is enjoyed in lovely surroundings. The staff are happy to be involved in this important experience. Everyone benefits from being close to nature and breathing fresh air, and Fieldgate is well appointed and situated to provide all this in style.

Communal Areas

There is a Sitting Room and Dining Room on each floor providing residents with a choice of surroundings for meals and day-time activities and all meals which, if preferred, may be taken in patients’ individual rooms.


Visitors are welcome at any time. For special occasions, or when patients wish to receive several visitors together on at the same time the Social Meeting Room can be booked through the Sister in Charge, who will be pleased to arrange any additional facilities necessary.


A 52" plasma TV situated in the First Floor Dayroom is a source of enjoyment to all.

Quite frequently relatives and friends time their visits to coincide with special social or cultural events or their favourite football team! Indoor games are also available and include table football, drafts, scrabble and puzzles.

Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the social and physical activities of their loved ones. All organised Activities at Fieldgate have as their main goal to produce a homely, family atmosphere ensuring social inclusion, personal communication and contact. Patients are encouraged to participate in our groups or individual activity sessions (known as ORIENTATION, VALIDATION AND STIMULATION SESSIONS). Our Activity Team organise one-to-one personalised activities or social sessions on a weekly basis and arrange monthly group activities for those wishing to participate. If preferred, patients may have activities and therapeutic benefits in their own rooms.

Head chef, Richard


Our Head chef, Richard (a qualified ex-Navy chef) works closely with the Nursing staff regarding all culinary needs and special treats required for the patients.

He is renowned for his excellent meat pies! Our experienced week-end Cooks bring their individual specialities to Fieldgate too.

The Kitchen catering team also includes the Kitchen assistants all of whom provide our well reputed and delicious meals. A large selection of appetizing and wholesome meals awaits patients and visitors alike.

All meals are planned with the patient by the Nursing staff who will discuss special needs or special requests or special diets. Chef Richard is constantly updated and made aware of all the needs or special wishes of all his clients. Nursing staff are available at every mealtime thus ensuring that meals are taken and enjoyed by each resident. Click here for details of meal times.

Depending on personal choice or special occasion, much as at home, the residents may dine in either of the two Dining rooms or their own rooms, not forgetting the garden pavilion or arbour on a good day.

Safety and Security

In order to safeguard the patients and staff our Front Door is closed and entry is possible only via the Front door bell-system. For those who are frequent visitors to Fieldgate a security code system is available. To meet our Fire security regulations a Visitors’ Book is available to document all visits.


Our laundry staff provide an excellent service which includes care of patients’ personal laundry, this is collected and laundered daily and usually returned the next day.


The clean environment of Fieldgate is maintained daily by our Bust the Dust team of domestic staff. Bedrooms and all areas of the Nursing Home are treated as a home for the patients and looked after as such. Residents can have their rooms cleaned when they are absent or if they prefer they can stay whilst the ladies do their admirable job, with a smile and a little chat too.